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KAVOJ kovovýroba s.r.o.
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KAVOJ kovovýroba s.r.o.

Lužná 591, Praha 6

160 00

Czech Republic

IČ: 29145686

DIČ: CZ29145686

Contacts mail: info@kavoj.cz


Management company:


Executive director - Roman Karásek 



Manager production - Štěpán Karásek



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Mitutoyo Crysta - Apex S

Skenovací  3D sonda  Renishaw

MCV 750

 MCV 754


Our 3-axis and 4-axis vertical centres are equipped with automatic palletizing.

Lathes are equipped with automatic barfeeder and automatic workpiecefeeder.


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Haco TS 3006

Pegas A-CNC-F 235x315

Kingsland 55 P 625

Kingsland 55 XS

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·   Our company is engaged in precision machining more than 29 years.

·    We strive to provide quality products and our production is highly automated.

·    We are the holder  of certificate quality ISO 9001.

·    For the highest quality, we use 3D coordinate measuring machine Mitutoyo.

·    We have experience in productive machining of aluminum alloys.

·    We are machining all available materials.

·    Domoferm (A)

·    Kollmorgen (CZ)

·    ABB (PL,CZ)

·    Schabmueller (DE)

·    Danaher motion (CZ)

·    Ikea (CZ,SK)

·    Rovet (CH)

·    AEG Components (CZ)

·    Bruneloilfield services GB)

·    IHS Leipzig (D)

·    Kremlin Rexson (F)

Hanwha XP32S

 Masturn 550i CNC

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